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A New Way to Grow!

MSA is excited to offer an online learning opportunity through our new school!

Interact with Christine Sine and reimagine how we pray, learn how to simplify your life with Mark Scandrette, and explore questions of God, Jesus and religion with Brian McLaren, Mark Scandrette, Lilian Daniel and others.

Join our learning community and enrich your faith as we journey together toward the in-breaking of God’s kingdom.

You may take as many or as few classes as you like and may take them at your own pace.

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Prayer Cards

Prayer Cards

This beautiful set of ten prayer cards draw from the most popular of our daily Facebook prayers. Their background photos invite us into contemplative moments that can enrich our days and deepen our faith.

Each card is printed on heavy, recycled matt stock and they can be used as postcards too!

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Newly Updated for 2015!

Creating a Faith-Based Community Garden


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Free Resource

Introduction to Celtic Spirituality

Celtic Spirituality Did you ever wonder what Celtic Christian Spirituality is all about? In this brief introduction, Christine Sine gives personal reflections, prayers, litanies, and a bit of historical background.


Contemplative Activist

“I discovered… the need for strong anchors that would make it possible for me to continue responding now matter how challenging the circumstances around me were…that is how I came into that balance between activism and contemplation, recognizing that it’s only in the place of deep contemplation that we often find the resources we need to really be activists…”

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  • Aloof, a book review
    – Andy Wade – With apologies to Tony, I really didn’t like this book. It’s not Tony’s fault. Aloof is beautifully written with stories that invite you in and cause you to think. But I didn’t like it! Well, let me be a bit more forthcoming, My frustration was not with Tony or the book […]
  • Reconciled to Self, and then some
    – Andy Wade – About this time of year nineteen years ago my wife, Susan, our four-year-old son, and our one-year-old son, and I were preparing to head to Hong Kong with Mennonite Mission Netork/Mennonite Church Canada Witness for our first four-year term. We were just finishing up at Evergreen Mennonite Church in Bellevue, WA, […]

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