Granola Extraordinaire – A Great Staple for Hospitality

Granola extraordinaire

Granola extraordinaire

One of our staple breakfast foods is granola and I don’t mean the store bought kind which is both expensive and, at least from my perspective, too sweet. I have made granola for many years and find that it is a wonderful gift to overnight guests. Over the years I have reduced the fat, and substituted applesauce for much of the oil. I now add a variety of grains and generally made the granola more healthy. Served with yoghurt and fresh fruit it makes an ideal and for many, a very special breakfast.

A friend asked me for my recipe a couple of days ago so I thought it was time to post it here too. I posted my original recipe some years ago but have recently updated it, because Tom has a passion for almond flavour so this one has almond essence in it. We love nuts and fruit so it is heavy on both but you can cut back if you want to. It costs a fraction of the store bought granolas and is much more nutritious than most.

Another great batch of granola

Another great batch of granola


10 cups Rolled Oats

2 cups Wheat Flakes

2 cups Barley Flakes

2 cups Wheatgerm

3 cups Wheat Bran

1 cup flax meal

2 cups oat bran

1 cup Pecans, chopped

1 cup Cranberries

1 cup Dried tart cherries

1 cup Pumpkin Seeds

1 cup almonds, chopped

1 cup Apple Sauce

1 cup Honey

1  cup canola or sunflower oil

2 oz  almond extract (optional)

1 cup dried apples, chopped

1 cup sunflower seeds, raw


1. Mix all dry ingredients in a large bowl.

2. Add applesauce, honey, oil and almond extract. Mix in food processor until well blended.

3. Add liquids to dry ingredients and mix (I do it with my hands) separating any lumps in mixture.

4. Cook at 350℉ turning every 15 minutes until brown.  Be sure to stir all the way to the bottom of the pan or it will burn

6. Leave in oven overnight to cool and dry out.

7. In morning add dried fruit, mix thoroughly and transfer to storage jars.

8. This quantity lasts us for about 3 months. As long as it is in airtight containers it remains fresh.

This recipe makes 3 large jars like this.

This recipe makes 3 large jars like this.