A Prayer and My 8 Favorite Books for Earth Day .

by Christine Sine

This is my favourite Earth Day prayer and one I like to reuse each year.

I also have a few books I love to revisit at this time to remind myself of why I need to take my call to care for creation seriously.

It is impossible for me to list all the books that make good reading for Earth day from a faith perspective. Here are a few that I have read in the last couple of years that I recommend:

Food and Faith A Theology Of Eatingby Norman Wirzba. This is my favorite go to resource about creation, food and eating.

Making Peace With the Land: God’s Call To Reconcile With Creation, Fred Bahnson and Norman Wirzba. A great introduction to our responsibility for the earth God has given us.

Introducing Evangelical Ecotheology by Daniel Brunner, Jennifer Butler and A.J. Swoboda. A great resource that is biblically rooted and historically informed. It enables us to deepen our witness on behalf of creation.

A Climate of Hope: Church and Mission in a warming world. by Claire Dawson and Dr Mick Pope. A well thought out Australian perspective on climate change and our Christian responsibility. Lots of good stories from Australia and abroad.

Planted: A Story of Creation, Calling and Community by Leah Kostamo. I love this little book. Easy to read with lots of delightful stories. Leah works with A Rocha Canada.

Onward and Upward in the Garden: Katherine S White. This is a timeless classic. Written in 1958 it is a refreshing collection of essays about gardening, writing and the inspiration we receive.

Bringing It to the Table: On Farming and Food by Wendell Berry. Another classic from one of my favourite authors challenging us to become more conscious of the lives of those who produce our foo and the world from which our food comes.

To Garden with God by Christine Sine. A collection of reflections on faith and gardening. I am amazed at the ways that people have used this book to help them connect their faith and their time in the garden