Sit Still Breathe Deeply – a Meditation Video

by Christine Sine

A couple of weeks ago I posted this prayer in my Monday Meditation Sit Still, Breathe Deeply. 

Since then I have spent much of my time getting a new writing project on creative spirituality underway. One thing my life coach suggested is that I reward my weekly progress with a fun project that energizes and renews me. Last week that project was expanding my prayer and putting it into a video meditation which I have enjoyed using throughout the week.

I hope you enjoy it too. I suggest that you sit still, close your eyes and allow the sound of the words and the running water in the background to sooth your spirit.

I deliberately did not include the words on this video as it is intended to encourage us to relax into the presence of God, something which is more challenging when we read along as our focus is on the words rather than on God.

However for those who want to use the meditation as a focus for more prolonged meditation here is the text:

Sit still, breathe deeply,

Inhale the eternal breath.

Imagine it rushing into your lungs.

Absorb it into your bloodstream,

Allow it to course through your entire being.

Through the life giving heartbeat of God,

See it infused into every cell in your body.

Sit still, breathe deeply,

Plant your feet firmly

On the earth beneath your feet.

The earth from which you are made,

Uniquely shaped you your Mater’s hands.

The earth, this rich and fertile gift from God,

For which we are responsible, caretakers, preservers,

Stewards of God’s good creation.

The earth, beginning and end of all life,

The place to which we will return,

Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.

Sit still, breathe deeply,,

Lift your hands towards heaven,

Sense the eternal presence,

Above, beneath, behind, before.

Let God’s holy love flow through you,

Filling your heart,

Nourishing your soul,

Renewing your spirit.

Sit still, breathe deeply,

Calm your spirit.

Listen in the silence

To the gentle whisper of God’s voice

Let it call you

To inner wholeness and outer response.

Let it equip you with footsteps of peace,

Love, compassion caring, generosity and justice.

Sit still, breathe deeply,

Let the ever present, everlasting, never failing One

Abide in you