Advent Is Coming What Scriptures Will You Read?

Advent wreath

At the beginning of the calendar year we make resolutions and plans for entire year. Why don’t we do the same before Advent? After all, for people of faith, the liturgical year and rhythm that revolves around the life death and resurrection of Jesus, should be more important for us than the secular year.

This is the time to plan your scripture readings, prayer rhythm and retreat times for the coming year. Get together with your spouse, your family, or a group of friends and do some planning.

Here are some resources to help. I have tried to put together a list from a wide variety of denominational perspectives:

The Voice is a great source for the daily scriptures of the liturgical year. The site also has one of the most comprehensive explanations of Advent and the symbols we use during the season.

Sacred Space – Daily Prayer with the Irish Jesuits

Pray as You Go – also from the Jesuits. Daily prayer for portable MP3 players.  provides a variety of reading plans that can be downloaded as an app.

The Bible App – provides reading plans for different seasons of the liturgical year as well as those themed around a topic selected by the user.

The Daily Office from the Mission of St Clare and based on the Book of Common Prayer

Daily readings from the Presbyterian Mission Agency USA provides several plans for reading through the whole or parts of the bible in a twelve month span.

Reflections from Forward Day by Day

Northumbria Community provides resources for praying the daily office through morning, midday, evening and compline services.

Or if you really want to be challenged this Advent try this Social Justice Advent Guide for Families from the North Carolina Council of Churches.

The Episcopal Cafe, a few years ago posted this excellent guide for reading through Advent with many of the feasts observed

And Rachel Held Evans has a post on 28 Ideas for Advent that is definitely worth a look.

And don’t forget we will post daily reflections on the theme Come to the Manger Who Will You Invite on this blog.

This is one of a series of posts on resources for Advent and Christmas. You can download the entire list here.

Resources from MSA.

MSA has a variety of resources available for celebrating the season of Advent and Christmas

A Journey Toward Home: Soul Travel For Advent to Lent compiled by Kristin Carroccino and Christine Sine

Waiting for the Light: An Advent Devotional compiled by Ricci Kilmer, Susan Wade and Christine Sine

Return to Our Senses: Reimagining How We Pray by Christine Sine

Prayer Cards. – more than Christmas gifts. These have been used for daily devotions, grief counselling, small groups and congregational prayers.

Each year at MSA we produce an Advent meditation video. These can be viewed online or purchased by in high resolution by download or DVD.

Advent 2013 – Come Home to God.

Advent 2012 – Alleluia – The Christ Child Comes.

The entire series of Advent videos from 2007-2012

In 2013 we also produced a series of podcasts hosted by Christine Sine and Ryan Marsh that you may like to listen to.

First week of Advent with Tara Ward and Chelle Stearns listen here,

Second week of Advent with Aaron Strumpel, Dwight Friesen, and Donna and Jim Mathwig listen here

Third Week of Advent with Karen Ward, Tacey Howe Wispelwey and Mary September listen here

Fourth Week of Advent with Lacey Brown, and Tom Sine listen here.

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Advent Is Coming What Scriptures Will You Read

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