A Prayer for Mercy Ships.

M/V Anastasis Greece 1980

M/V Anastasis Greece 1980

Many of you know that I spent 12 years of my life on the Mercy M/V Anastasis setting up and then directing the medical ministry. I love the work that Mercy Ships continues to do, though the Anastasis has now been replaced by the Africa Mercy. You can imagine my delight a few weeks ago when I was asked by Susan Parker to write a prayer for the ship’s crew. Here is the prayer that I wrote.

Africa Mercy 2013

Africa Mercy 2013

An Africa Mercy Community Prayer

Merciful Father,

You have called us from many tribes and nations,

Drawn us from many cultures and creeds,

As rich and poor, young and old,

You have embraced us together with all the hurting people of this world,

You have welcomed us as part of your eternal family.

Compassionate Christ,

You have shown us so much of the world’s injustice and pain,

And in its midst you are always there. 

Let us see you in those with deformed faces and broken lives.

Let us hear you in the grieving and the oppressed,

Let us know you in the hungry and the vulnerable,

Transforming Spirit,

You whose indwelling presence brings renewal and restoration,

Flow through our hands and pour out healing,

Flow from our hearts, extend hope to the hopeless,

Flow through our lives with saving grace,

Flow through all we do and make others whole.

Eternal God, Creator, Redeemer, Comforter,

One in essence, Three in person,

Touch and transfigure us,

Let your love grow strong and deep within us.

Let your compassion bloom and overflow through us,

Let your righteousness bear fruit of mercy love and justice,

Until your world is changed,

And all creation is restored and made new.