What Makes Us Fat?

This morning I was reading an interesting article from Grist magazine entitledIs Your Shampoo Making You Fat? .  It is a fascinating article that looks at how toxic chemicals not just in our diet but also in our environment – like BPA– can contribute to obesity.

Immediately my anxiety level goes up.  Its not just the food I have to watch out for anymore, even the furniture can exude toxic chemicals that disrupt my hormonal systems.  And of course when my anxiety goes up I can easily reach for comfort food to help bring it down.

So I wonder what is really making us fat?  Is it our stress, our sedentary way of life, the chemicals in our bodies and our environment, the technology we use, our disconnect from God, hormonal imbalances, or just plain overeating and a lack of discipline?  Yes all of these have been accused of contributing to our obesity.   And I suspect that all of them do contribute but what is most puzzling to some is that in spite of all the bad press that obesity gets the figures continue to escalate.

Fast food, fast living, 24/7 consumption is the halmark of our society.  Restraint and discipline are not words that most of us think about any more.  And yet the way we live is killing us.  Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions but there is no panic such as there is with a deadly flu virus.  We are literally eating ourselves to death and if the obesity doesn’t get us the anxiety probably will.

So maybe the most important contributor to our obesity is complacency.  We are so enamoured of our fast paced, cyber stressed, consumptive way of life and the conveniences it seems to offer that we are willing to overlook the downsides… and the growing epidemic of obesity is certainly one of those.

So what do you think?  As Christians should we be more concerned about obesity, after all the Bible talks about gluttony as a sin and fasting has definitely gone out of fashion?  So how should we handle the issue?  Do you think that obesity is a spiritual concern?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this.