What Are the Top Christian Blogs?

I just discovered that I am listed amongst the Top 100 Christian blogs according to Kent Shaffer at Church Relevance.  Just snuck in at 87th.  It is an interesting list which you might like to check out and I appreciate the incredible amount of work that Kent has done to put this together.  I have definitely discovered a few that I will add to my “must read” list for the future.

Of course being somewhat of a cynic I am not sure that working from rankings is really the best way to judge – though I appreciate Kent calling them “the most popular” rather than the “best”  However I did notice that Kent started with a list of only 181 blogs and I would be interested to know how he chose those.  These may be the most popular from that list but that does not necessarily mean that they provide the best window into either theology or into God’s world.

I did notice that a lot of my favourite blogs are not on the list probably because they deal with issues that are not commonly seen as the mainstream of Christianity yet are very definitely at the center of God’s concerns.   There are very few women on the list too which I think is a shame and almost all seem to be white and evangelical in their perspectives.  So what are your favourite blogs?    Maybe we can put together another list that is a little more global and gender and racially balanced and covers a broad theological perspective from Catholic to conservative protestant.