What is a Spiritual Practice – The Series So Far

The summer blog series What is a Spiritual Practice is now well underway and I am excited by the excellent articles that have already been posted and by the promise of many more to come – on topics as varied as parenting, yoga and civil protest.  So I hope that you will not only look in regularly yourself but let your friends know as well.

The articles posted so far are: –

Bethany Stedman – crying as a spiritual practice

Christopher Heuertz – Feeling close to God in the graveyard

Gerard Kelly – twittering as a spiritual practice

Tim Mathis – blogging as as a spiritual practice

Mary Naegeli – Writing a sermon as spiritual practice

Hannah HauiCultural Protocol as spiritual practice

Jamie Arpin RicciPet Ownership as spiritual practice

Matt Stone – Listening to Enemies as Spiritual Practice

Dan Cooper – Washing Dishes as Spiritual Discipline

Maryellen Young – The spiritual practice of taking a shower

I have contributed 2 posts myself:

virtual Eucharist: Is this a spiritual practice

Is Breathing a Spiritual Practice

Other promised articles include:

Tom Grosh – Parenting as a spiritual practice

T. Freeman – Apologizing as Spiritual Practice

Jill Aylard – Mothering as a spiritual practice

Bowie Snodgrass – Sorting the Garbage as Spiritual Practice

Imgarde Brown – Making tea or lighting candles

Deborah Loyd – Pain as Spiritual Practice

John Chandler – The spiritual practice of making something

Marcus Goodyear – Editing as Spiritual Practice

Danielle grubb Shroyer  – Colouring as a spiritual practice, Yoga as a spiritual practice

Mark Buhlig – Reinventing the wheel

Jarrod McKenna – Civil action as a spiritual practice.

John O’Hara – In the Kitchen/Cooking as Spiritual Practice

Stan Thornburg – Making Space for the Rabbi & Breaking through the particularities of our faith

Richard DahlstromThirsting for Coffee with God

Others that have said they would contribute but have not designated a topic yet include:

Julie Clawson 

Shane Tucker

Rachelle Mee-Chapman

Jason Clark

Lynne Baab

Kathy Escobar

Terry Le Blanc

Eugene Cho

Bowie Snodgrass

Jamie Arpin Ricci

Jill Young

Luis batista

Steve Taylor

Stan Thornburg

Steve Knight

Spencer Burke

John O’Hara

Bethany Stedman

Rose Madrid-Swetman

Jonathan Brink

Richard Dahlstrom

Matt Stone

Ed Cyzewski

Mark Van Steenwyk

JR Woodward

Tom Grosh

Guy Chmieleski

Ian Mobsby

Marcus Goodyear

John Chandler

Mark Scandrette

Jason Fowler

Maria Henderson

Thomas Turner

Dan Cooper

Evelyn Heard