Eating on $2 a day

Yesterday I mentioned that a number of people have commented that they cannot eat nutritious food on $2/person/day especially with kids.  Most of them I suspect have never even tried, some I know have never cooked from scratch before and don’t know what to do.  If you are still struggling with whether or how to eat on $2/person/day you might like to check out the resources below.  

I keep coming across articles about people who are cutting their food budget deliberately to less than $2/person/day, not so that they can help the poor or for any religious commitment to Lent – which hopefully you have remembered is the object of this week’s challenge, but simply so that they can live more sustainably in today’s turbulent economic world.  I am always embarrassed when the non Christians seem to understand things like this better than Christians do.    And it makes me wonder even more how committed we really are to living out the gospel in our daily lives.  

Yesterday I received an email from Hugh Hollowell from the Catholic Worker’s Home in Durham.  He made me aware of a woman in Durham who has been living on a budget of $1 per day for the last month – and fairly nutritiously too.  You can check out her journey at Less is Enough

Here is another couple who are embarking on a One Dollar A Day Project  Now the aim seems to be to write a book but there are still some great ideas for recipes and even some very good and sobering information on how people in Africa live (or die) on such a limited food budget.  

Here is the great article from NY Times that seems to have started it all. Again it contains  some good hints on how to choose food that is nutritious.

Not only is it possible, but it can improve the health and reduce the girth of Americans, regardless of socioeconomic status. Read the entire article 

There are no new Lenten reflections to post today – maybe that shows how difficult people are finding the $2 challenge.  However there are 2 great resources to check out regularly for Lenten reflections

Everyday Liturgy has just posted a list of Lenten reflections from the Christian Century blogs and Lent and Beyond