Make Something Day


Well Make Something Day a great idea from the Ecclesia Collective is coming the day after American Thanksgiving and I wanted to get something up early so that I have time to get the ingredients that I still do not have but I was wondering – does it still count if I have to go out and purchase ingredients?  I suppose that none of us can get away from the fact that spending money really does make the world go round.

Anyhow back to my idea.

I did not want to make something that I would normally make at this time of the year – like shortbread though I will post that recipe in a couple of weeks as Advent and Christmas approach.  Nor did I want to do something that I have done before – like knitted scarves or tea cosies for my friends.  (For the uninitiated a tea cosy is like a cap that you put on a tea pot to keep it warm)  So here is  a new idea for making your own Lavendar Lotion which I have adapted from Gardening How To magazine.

Bees love lavender too

Bees love lavender too

1/2 cup dried lavendar flowers

10 drops lavender essential oil

4 tablespoons beeswax

1 cup olive oil

Pour 1 cup olive oil into the top of a double boiler

Add 1/2 cup dried lavendar flowers.  Gently heat olive oil and lavendar over simmering water for about 15 minutes.  While you are waiting cover the measuring cup with a piece of cheese cloth and secure it with a rubber band.

Remove olive oil and lavender mixture for the heat.  Carefully strain through cheese cloth into the measuring cup.

When most of the oil is filtered through the cheese cloth, remove the rubber band, pick up the cheesecloth keeping the lavender enclosed and squeeze out as much olive oil as possible.

Place measuring cup into a double boiler, add 10 drops of lavender essential oil and 4 tablespoons of grated beeswax or beeswax beads.  Stir over simmering water until melted.

Test consistency by adding a drop to the top of an ice cube.  It should be the constituency of a heavy syrup.  If too hard add more olive oil.  If too soft add more beeswax.  Pour into clean containers and allow to harden for two hours before topping with an airtight cover.