Taking a Break

Tom and I have just returned from a wonderful few days of vacation on Mayne Island British Columbia spent with our good friends Tom & Kim Balke.  We stayed in a beautiful cabin that looked out over the water refreshing our souls each time we looked out the window.  Much to our delight the blackberries were in season and a couple of apple trees laden with fruit stood just below the cabin.  Blackberry and apple cobbler made from just picked fruit and topped with ice cream is not only great for dessert, it also makes a  wonderful breakfast – after all I did use granola for the crumble crust.  Actually according to Tom it is a well balanced complete breakfast – fruit, grain and dairy all combined.

We did lots of walking, talking and watching of videos.  Caught up on our sleep and even managed to spend some time praying and refocussing though that was not the main purpose of the trip.  Good fun, good fellowship and good food.  What more could we ask for.  We returned to Seattle renewed and refreshed and ready to get into what promises to be a very busy Fall schedule.