They Tried to Outlaw Christmas

You’ve probably heard of the book by Fox News host, John Gibson,”The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse Than You Thought” (Sentinel, October 2005).that reveals to the whole world, a little known secret. There is a vast, left wing conspiracy to eliminate Christmas.  Here is a great article I found about when they really did try to ban Christmas and it was not the secularists but the Puritans who did it.  I know that this cuts across the real meaning of this season but I thought it was interesting to see how Christians and secularists have always struggled with the practice of Christmas.

There has always been some sense of complexity in the celebration of Christmas. So much so that in days of old the church attempted to have Christmas banned. It was in England during the tenure of Oliver Cromwell. His Puritan Party passed legislation outlawing Christmas. In England there would be no more lavish and raucous celebration, no more commercial exploitation, there would be no more Christmas, period.  Read more