Mustard Seed Associates is a small non profit organization that seeks to raise awareness of challenges that Christians will face in their lives, churches & communities in the future. It is unique in that it is a crossroads, grassroots organization – connecting people across generations, denominations and cultures and encouraging them to become cultural creatives. MSA is unusual in that we encourage people to become contemplative activists. We want to foster spirituality and innovation that enable Christians to create new ways to both be a difference and make a difference in order to advance God’s kingdom purposes and engage tomorrow’s challenges. Our mission statement is: Believing God is changing the world through mustard seeds- the seemingly insignificant- MSA seeks to unleash the creative potential of ordinary people to make a difference in their communities and a world of urgent need.

Join us in creating the future one mustard seed at a time

Mustard Seed Associates produces a monthly email newsletter called the Seed Sampler which puts recipients in touch with important issues that face us in our rapidly changing world. It also provides important resources that help us respond to these issues.

We are currently looking for volunteers to help us with office work at MSA.  If you are interested please email me at

Here are some possible job descriptions

v                 An administrative assistant to co-ordinate Tom & Christine Sine’s speaking scheduleThis position would require knowledge of word & powerpoint.  The person would need to be available 2-4 hours per week. 

Ø      Work with Sines to confirm details of event.

Ø      Add new events to MSA schedule,

Ø      book tickets & car if necessary, check on housing, contact information for arrival, mapquest directions if necessary,

Ø      print out articles if necessary for them to take with them,

Ø      Visit websites of organization hosting event & download photos that can be used in powerpoint presentations.

Ø      Help Sines with design of powerpoint presentation.

v     An administrative assistant to answer email and written correspondence that comes to MSA.  This person would require familiarity with Microsoft word.  This position would require one person who could be available 2 hours per day or several people who could be available 1-2 hours per week. 

Ø      Open email each morning, distribute enquiries to appropriate staff person.

Ø      Work with MSA director to respond to general enquiries about co-housing, futures’ research, & community.

v                 MSA resource co-ordinator

Ø      Inventory MSA books & keep track of those sold or given away

Ø      pack box of books for each event, mail for distant events, unpack box after event

Ø      record book sales & give aways, keep book inventory up to date, put price slips in books

Ø      Photocopy MSA booklets & greeting cards if necessary

Ø      order books from publisher when needed –

·        about 1 hour / week on average

v                 Help co-ordinate local Seattle conversations

Mustard Seed Associates holds evening conversations in Seattle on diverse topics once every 2-3 months.   This volunteer would need to have some organizational and writing skills

Ø      Work with MSA program co-ordinator to confirm location, speakers & time,

Ø      add event to online schedule & MSA home page scroll bar,

Ø      Set up registration on Eventbrite account, & excel sheet for registrations.

Ø      send out email invites –  3 months, 1 month, 1 week before event,

Ø      Prepare event postcard & distribute to churches & organizations that may be interested

Ø      Do preparation for evening – get items together for event – books, sign up sheets, business cards, dessert items, cups & plates

Ø      Attend event, help with room set up, tea & coffee making & dessert serving, sell books & other MSA products, get new attendees to sign up for MSA emails, make sure event gets recorded on digital recorder,

Ø      get recording to website manager to load onto website.

Ø      Write short report and start discussion on

·        1-2 hours/week plus evening of event

v                 Help co-ordinate workshops – MSA organizes workshops in the Pacific NW every 2-3 months.  We require one or 2 people who would be available 1-2 hours per week to help co-ordinate these events and assist MSA staff to send out publicity. 

Ø      Workshop co-ordinator

·        confirm details of event,

·        add event to online schedule,

·        Set up registration on Eventbrite account, & excel sheet for registrations.

·        Develop event postcard & distribute to churches & organizations

·        Send pre-event materials to registrants if necessary

·        Photocopy registration materials & get ready for event

·        Make sure box of books, sign up sheets, business cards, coloured markers, flipchart & paper, meal items, cups & plates get to event.

·        Order meals if necessary.

Ø      Event publicity – could be a separate job of 1 -2 hours per week

·        design flyer,

·        send invitation to MSA mailing list 3 months in advance, 1 month in advance, 1 week in advance.

·        Contact key local friends & church leaders to make them aware of event and send invitation

·        Send bulletin inserts to local churches

·        Send announcements to local papers & websites.

Ø      Day of event  – help with set up, registration, resource sales & meals. – could be a separate job 1 day ever 2-3 months.